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AVS Industries, LLC (AVS) was formed by Dave Sydow in January, 2005 with the goal of "Servicing the World with High Temperature Textiles." Dave Sydow, President & CEO, brings 35 years of experience in silica textiles to the company in areas of product development, technical support, vendor coordination and worldwide sales and marketing.


Refrasil high-temperature resistant textiles are continuous filament, amorphous silica products with the thermal performance of a refractory material. Designed specifically to replace asbestos in a number of high heat applications, Refrasil textiles retain their strength and resiliency to continuous temperatures …

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GLT Products stocks and offers a wide array of High Temperature Silicone/Fiberglass Fabrics. These cloths are used in the fabrication of removable insulation blankets, pipe wrapping, turbine blankets, fittings and flange covers and engine exhaust pipe covers.

High Temperature Silica Tape, High Temperature ... - Alibaba offers 137 high temperature silica tape products. About 30% of these are other fiberglass products, 20% are adhesive tape, and 11% are insulation materials & elements. A wide variety of high temperature silica tape options are available to you, such as fiberglass, ptfe, and bopp.

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Mar 13, 2018· Silica gel, a granule form desiccant made from sodium silicate, absorbs moisture from the air to reduce the relative humidity to about 40 percent. Manufacturers of edible and non-edible products often include silica gel packets in their packaging to retard corrosion, mold and mildew.

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AVS Industries, LLC makers of AVSil Silica Fabrics, AVSil Laminated/Coated Silica Fabrics, FLXGLAS HT Treated Fiberglass Fabrics, AVS Fiberglass Fabrics, Needled Insulation, Silica Rope, Silica Sleeving, Silicone Coated Fiberglass Sleeving, Silica Woven Tapes, Silica Slit Tapes, Sewing Threads & Yarns.

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Robco's extensive line of high temperature products are used in the petrochemical, pulp and paper, power generation, nuclear, mining, metal processing, plastics, chemical processing, manufacturing, transport, aerospace and marine industries. ... Silica Rope /Inconel <1500ºF (816ºC)

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silica products respirator should reduce the airborne concentration of a particulate by a factor of 10, so that if the workplace concentration of a particulate was 150 ug/m 3, then a respirator with an APF of 10 should reduce the concentration of particulate to

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Fiber Products feature a broad family of products that include Bulk Fiber, Needle Felted Blanket, Paper and Textiles. The products are ideal for High Temperature furnaces, filtration, gasket applications, stress relieving and other refractory applications. Typical Properties Silica Fiberglass Ceramic Fiber Melting Point 3000°F 1523°F 3200°F

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Darco Southern offers a variety of high temperature sleeve products; each providing unique physical characteristics and sealing performance. Common applications for high temperature sleeves include protecting hoses, wires, and cables against weld splatter, fire, extreme heat, and molten metal.

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Silicon dioxide, also known as silica, is an oxide of silicon with the chemical formula Si O 2, most commonly found in nature as quartz and in various living organisms. In many parts of the world, silica is the major constituent of sand.Silica is one of the most complex and most abundant families of materials, existing as a compound of several minerals and as synthetic product.

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plastic or microwave dishes for drying silica gel because the hot beads may cause the dish to melt. •Silica gel gets very hot during the drying process. Do not attempt to handle silica gel, or the container, until it has cooled to a safe temperature. We do not recommend moving hot silica gel. If you must move it wile it is hot, use a hot pad.

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Intec Products Inc. Safety. TECSIL™ and Nextel™ fiber products which are safe, OSHA-recognized alternatives to potentially hazardous asbestos products. Neither fiber will break down into smaller-diameter fibers under high temperatures, ensuring that they remain large enough to prevent entry into the lower respiratory tract, where much smaller fibers, such as asbestos, often enter and ...

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Today, through its AGILON® performance silica and HI-SIL® silica product lines, PPG is more engaged than ever in the mission it shares with its customers, which is to challenge the limits of the industry's "magic triangle," by designing and manufacturing silica products that contribute to production of the safest, longest-lasting and most fuel-efficient tires possible.

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Silica glass is composed of SiO 2 only, and contains very little amounts of metallic impurity. High Heat Resistance. Deformation temperature of silica glass is as high as 1,700ºC and therefore it can be well used at such high temperatures around 1,000ºC.

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Darco Southern offers a variety of Fiberglass (Tetraglas®), Silica (Tetraglas 3000®) and Ceramic Rope products. Each provides unique physical characteristics and sealing performance. Common applications for high temperature ropes include seals for boilers, ovens and stoves as well as high temperature industrial packing and expansion joints.

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The rice and silicate industry has expressed interest the novel silica-based products we have made and are seeking commercialization. Publications. Kalapathy, U., Proctor, A and Shultz, J. 2000. Silica xerogels from rice hull ash: Structure, density and mechanical strength as affected by gelation, pH and silica concentration. J. Chem.

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Thermal Ceramics offers high temperature fibre blankets for applications in thermal management and passive fire protection. Refractory Ceramic Fibres (RCF), or Alumino Silicate Wool (ASW) blankets made from Kaowool ®, Cerablanket ®, Cerachem ® and Cerachrome ® with temperature capabilities up to 1425°C (2600°F)

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Silica East Coast: Jason McDonald, 1-888-958-8170 John Passero,1-800-220-3675 ext. 3604 West Coast: Randy Cavadini, 1-866-798-1089 The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a final rule to help protect workers from exposure to respirable crystalline silica, which is being phased into effect starting on June 23, 2016.

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Silica gel is often described as "absorbing" moisture, which may be appropriate when the gel's microscopic structure is ignored, as in silica gel packs or other products. However, material silica gel removes moisture by adsorption onto the surface of its numerous pores rather than by absorption into the bulk of the gel. Regeneration

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Jul 21, 2017· Most silica products on the market can be applied as a root feed or as a foliar spray. Plants can absorb much more through foliar feeding than just absorption through the root zone. Silica is also known to prevent powdery mildew when used as a foliar spray. If using silica as both a foliar and a root feed, be careful not to overdose the plants.

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Silica materials are a superb high temperature insulation and can be used for a long time without changing of properties at the temperature higher than 1000 0 С (material Puresil up to 1200 0 С) and for a short period of time at higher temperatures. Get Price. silica products temperature - silica products temperature.

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Rigid Alumina-Silica Products. Rigid Soluble-Fiber Products. Microporous Insulation. Refractory Hardboards ... Effects of Hydrogen Gas at 1450°C on Select Fibrous Alumina Insulation Products. 1700°C Rapid Cycle Furnace Design ... ZIRCAR Ceramics High Temperature Materials April 2015. What's New and ZIRCAR Ceramics, Inc. Heritage and ...

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If exposed to high storage temperature for extended periods, the shelf life of the product may be shortened. To reduce temperature effects to colloidal silica products and maximize shelf life, they should be stored at a recommended storage temperature of 20°C (68°F).

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However, even when cross-linked, the silicone polymer network is mechanically weak relative to many other elastomer systems. Our CAB-O-SIL fumed silica is incorporated into the polymer to strengthen the otherwise weak polymer network. We offer a variety of CAB-O-SIL fumed silica products for HTV and LSR applications. CAB-O-SIL products can be ...

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Description: Robuster Quartz Fused Silica Ceramics features excellent thermal reliability under high temperature (up to 1350°C), resistivity to chemical corrosion and thermal shock; Our Silica ceramic products are widely used in chemical, medical and biology industries for chemical . Applications: Chemical / Materials Processing, Other

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Rigid Alumina-Silica Products. Rigid Soluble-Fiber Products. Microporous Insulation. Refractory Hardboards. Flexible Materials. ... ZIRCAR Ceramics High Temperature Materials April 2015. What's New and ZIRCAR Ceramics, Inc. ... ZIRCAR Ceramics Products ...

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Fiberguide Industries manufactures over 500 different specialty optical fiber part numbers to meet the needs of our customers. We specialize in optical fiber used for photonics applications, power delivery and sensing, and we also offer data communications fiber.

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Structure of quartz and fused silica In the quartz glass structure all atoms are bonded t at least two others. Together with the strength of the siliconoxygen (Si-O) chemical bond gives quartz glass high temperature stability and chemical resistance. But the structure is also rather open with wide spaces (interstices) between the structural units.

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Silica fabric is a type of fireproof silica fiber cloth with a high SiO 2 content that is used as a high temperature insulator for fire and thermal protection. TCC silica fabric can be used for long periods of time without losing its insular properties and without vaporizing or melting at temperatures as high as 1000°C (1,832°F).

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