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Jul 27, 2014· Peat moss is sold in compressed bales and, like milled sphagnum moss, it is used in potting and garden soils. Peat is a less expensive amendment in potting and garden soils. Peat is a great medium for growing acid-loving plants, and my blueberry bushes are growing in pure peat.

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Aug 28, 2017· Peat moss is an excellent soil supplement to grow vegetables, sprouts, succulents, indoor and outdoor plants. As peat moss is an organic matter unique to bogs, swamps, and other carbon-dense locations, it serves as an excellent addition as the high carbon content by slowing the rate of decay for organic plant material.

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Oct 05, 2018· It does not contain any mineral soil, only accumulated plant material. Source: Premier Tech Horticulture". Most of the peat moss used in crop production comes from Canada and is composed mainly of mosses from the genus Sphagnum (of which there are 160 species of sphagnum found globally). This is where the name sphagnum peat moss is derived from.


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Dec 21, 2017· Peat moss is very common in gardening so it is important to understand what it is, how it works and how to use it to make your plants thrive. There are many uses of peat moss, such as improving soil, starting seeds, adding it as an amendment, and more. Peat moss is excellent for making your garden more productive than ever.

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Soil Amendment. Perhaps the most common use for sphagnum peat moss is as a soil amendment. The material helps loosen hard, compacted soils while improving drainage around plant roots.

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Sphagnum peat moss: The primary ingredient in most potting soils is sphagnum peat moss. A very stable material, peat takes a long time to breakdown and is widely available and inexpensive. It bulks up potting mixes without adding a lot of weight, and once wet, it holds water fairly well.

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For acid loving plants add equal parts Miracle-Gro® Sphagnum Peat Moss and pre-mixed potting mix. Blending Your Own Seed Starting Mix Blend 1 part MG Sphagnum Peat Moss to 1 part MG Perlite. Improving Your Native Soil Blend 1 part MG Sphagnum Peat Moss with 1 part native soil.

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The Perils Of Peat Moss What is Peat Moss? Peat moss comes from bogs, which are water-saturated, oxygen poor environments. Because of the lack of oxygen and the resulting low level of soil microbes, peat moss is made up of partially decomposed dead vegetation. In colder climates, peat moss is generally comprised of partially decomposed mosses.

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Peat moss is an organic amendment that can lower the soil pH in your garden. 1 Take samples of the soil, about a cup each, in several areas of your garden from points 4 to 8 inches deep.

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Nov 18, 2018· Peat Moss is the result of harvesting Sphagnum Peat Moss from bogs similar to the one shown above. These bogs are usually filled with pooling water that sits atop grass and foliage. Peat Moss can absorb 20x its weight in water and helps keep soil moist inside planting containers

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Peat moss is a gardening staple as a soil conditioner with Canada supplying over 80% of the peat used in horticulture worldwide. Peat plays an integral role in most potting mixes because the organic material is relatively inert in that it does not harbor diseases and insects but …

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Sphagnum moss, also called peat moss, is one of the most common components in peat, although many other plants can contribute. The biological features of Sphagnum mosses act to create a habitat aiding peat formation, a phenomenon termed 'habitat manipulation'. Soils consisting primarily of peat are known as histosols.

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May 11, 2017· Since the 1950s, sphagnum peat moss has been a common ingredient in potting soils sold in the United States. It is typically mixed with white specks of …

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Sphagnum peat moss is usually dried and sterilized after harvest. It is a light brown color and has a fine, dry texture. Sphagnum peat moss is usually sold in compressed bales or bags. It is a very popular soil amendment because of its ability to help sandy soil hold moisture, and helps clay soil loosen up …

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Sphagnum Peat Moss . When used in large amounts as a soil amendment, peat moss will slightly acidify the soil while also adding organic material to the soil. When preparing your soil for planting, place four to six inches of acidic peat moss on your topsoil and till it into a depth of six inches. This will acidify the soil for about two years.

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But as we just warned Hank The Rose Thorn Scaredy-, you have to know what you're doing. You don't want to mix lots of peat moss into your soil willy-nilly any more than wood ash. Because just as the wood ash can make your soil too alkaline, peat moss can make it too acidic; especially if you live in an area where the soil is already acidic.

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Peat moss is an excellent soil amendment for your acid-loving plants. There are approximately 12,000 species of moss, but it's only the 380 species of sphagnum moss that create peat. Bogs and fens form where sphagnum grows because both living and dead moss absorb and store water. As it grows, it ...

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Harvested primarily in Canada and North America, sphagnum peat moss (Sphagnum andersonianum) is an all-purpose soil amendment that can also be used alone in certain horticultural operations. The peat moss sold in garden centers is the partially decayed remains of plants grown in high-acid peat …

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There's a lot of discussion going on over which soil conditioner is best for your garden: sphagnum peat moss or coconut coir? Sustainability is part of the discussion. Effectiveness is another. Truth is both are great additions to garden soil. Both are natural and plant based. Both help break up ...

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Peat moss is organic matter that contains decomposed plants--often sphagnum moss. Adding peat moss to the existing topsoil in a growing area will amend the soil and make it a higher quality soil. Peat moss is acidic, so adding peat moss will help to increase the acidic level of topsoil. Adding peat moss …

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Peat moss is sometimes called sphagnum peat moss because much of the dead material in a peat bog comes from sphagnum moss that grew on top of the bog. Don't confuse sphagnum peat moss with sphagnum moss, which is made up of long, fibrous strands of plant material.

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Sphagnum Peat Moss from the brand Four Winds Trading is a really good product. It is made for gardening with sphagnum peat moss. This peat moss is perfect for outdoor and indoor use. It offers a good substrate for all plants. This product is superb for Venus fly traps. It can be used for hydroponic systems. Pros

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Sphagnum and the peat formed from it do not decay readily because of the phenolic compounds embedded in the moss's cell walls. In addition, bogs, like all wetlands, develop anaerobic soil conditions, which produces slower anaerobic decay rather than aerobic microbial action.

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Jul 10, 2016· If you love gardening, chances are you come across references to peat moss on a fairly regular basis. Peat moss has several practical uses in the garden, from starting seeds to improving your soil, and is a useful amendment for both flower and vegetable gardeners.

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Mar 27, 2019· Above: A 1-gallon bag of Sphagnum Moss is $10 from Sassparilla Home via Etsy.. Pros: When leaves and other plant parts decompose in wetland bogs, peat is formed.Peat lightens soil, aids in breaking up heavy clay, and holds water in sandy soils. It is also great for acidifying soil for acid-loving plants including azaleas, rhododendrons, and camellias.

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